Non-Catholic Cemetery, Rome

The Cimitero Acattolico is John Keats' final resting place. He is buried in the beautiful, pastoral old part of the cemetery, near the Pyramid of Cestius.

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John Keats: Poetry, Life & Landscape

A delightful read, and a lovely introduction to Keats, written by fellow Locations Geek, Suzie Grogan.

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Winchester, Hampshire

Keats visited Winchester from August to October 1819, and was inspired by the location to write his ode “To Autumn”.

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Keats Locations

This site provides information on many of the locations in Britain and Italy that are associated with the Romantic poet John Keats. I've really enjoyed visiting some of them myself, and I hope that you will, too, either in person or virtually.

This continues to be a labour of love and a work in progress - so if you have any requests or particular interests, please let me know! I can't promise to cover everything - Keats travelled around a fair number of locations in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, not to mention his final voyage to Italy - but I will do my very best.

You may also like to visit my original Locations site, dedicated to the beautiful places where the BBC Merlin TV show was filmed: Merlin Locations.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Next Steps...

If you'd like to join the journey, you will find the Keats Locations detailed in our blog posts...