link | “Photochroms of Rome” by Alex Q. Arbuckle and Wolfgang Wild

I found these truly lovely images on Mashable. They are ‘colour’ photos of Rome dating from c. 1890, sourced from the Library of Congress. These were taken seventy years after Keats was in Rome, but it still feels like a glimpse into the world that he would have recognised. Joseph Severn would have known this Rome, as he died only ten or eleven years before.

I’ve copied the two most relevant images here (with great respect, but without permission) and you can see the rest via the link below.

The Pyramid of Cestius at St. Paul’s Gate. Image: Library of Congress

Photochroms of Rome

gallery | portrait of John Keats by Charles Brown

John Keats by Charles Armitage Brown, pencil, 1819

This is my favourite portrait of John Keats. It was drawn by his friend Charles Brown while they were staying at Eglantine Cottage (now Keats Cottage) on the Isle of Wight in the summer of 1819.

The drawing is held by the National Portrait Gallery in London, and I am sharing it under the NPG’s Creative Commons license. (Your respect for the terms of this license is appreciated.)